Starting a music Career? Here is what you need to know

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July 22, 2019
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July 25, 2019
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Make sure you can pay your bills

Have you off late been thinking about pursuing a career in music? Are you romanticising the idea of giving up everything and just pursuing your passion? It sounds more like a fantasy than reality.

It’s definitely not a good idea to leave everything and start a music career from scratch. But if you are financially independent and have already made a name for yourself in any other industry then maybe you can continue. But for the others you should prioritise to do something that continues to pay your bills while you pursue your music career on the side. While you are at your day job you can learn about the various opportunities you can use in your music career. This will help you transition from your regular job to your dream music career.

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Have goals and plans

Have you decided where you want to be in the next few years in your music career? It’s good to do some research and ask around. You should have a set goal and plan so that you know that your time is not getting wasted. Some make music to get better deals in commercials or movies while others wish to be an independent performing artist. You may want to produce your own tracks or designed by a major music label or even create you own music label or band. It’s just that once you have your actual goal in mind you can set out on a path to achieve it.

Your music career should be treated as a business.

Being a music artist is akin to starting a new business. In this business your product is your music. You try to monetise your brand with related merchandise and tickets for your performance. You should operate as a business entity and there are different business models, which can be implemented in the space.

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