How to make music without talent?

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Tricks or talent?

There are two kinds of musicians-the kinds who use talent and the kind who use tricks. The good ones use both. One strategy is to begin a song quietly and then as you get going you become more energetic at the end. A simple song with the same repeated chord progression can become an epic song as each verse begins with new instrument and higher volume on the organ. This strategy can be reversed by suddenly becoming quiet right in the middle of the song. You can also look at repeating notes for your listeners which is more likely sound better than a piece of music which has complex keys, modes and resolutions.

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Organise the sound

Anything new in music has always been considered noise. In order to make music you must make organised noises. Whistling, clapping, punching, clicking, burping can become tasteful rhythms with some effort. You can find good sound anyway but you can find them only if you carefully start looking. So what is it that qualifies as a musical instrument, one may think. If Music can be made from anything can everybody make music then? In fact it could also be that you have been making music all your life and you haven’t realised it yet.

There is no need to be good

You can aim to be unique. You don’t need to be good. If you can make sounds confidently, that’s enough. You just need to arrange these noises and you can show that you can stand out. But if you want to do more you can still go and learn how to play real instrument like a piano or guitar. And when you go play in a show and hit a wrong note, you can learn to laugh it off and look cool.

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