Tips to have an amazing concert

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Be really good at your craft

Although it is obvious, if you are really good at your work you don’t have to worry about anything. You just need to ensure that your band has practised well and is ready for the show.

It is easy to find out who has practised and is confident and who is not. If you put in the hard work you will have better shows. If you want to create sure all you need is great music and some great players. Be sure that all the members in your band are ready to play live and if they are not be bold enough to replace them.

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Plan stories to tell

Be up-to-date with current trends. Do know what’s happening around you. Read news on the day of the show. Look out for something that is interesting, funny and light-hearted. In case there’s been a tragedy you could mention it and probably dedicate a song. Though its best to talk about funny news, you can also explore music news. Say anything that your audience would enjoy. Just remember to be yourself. Nobody is expecting you to write jokes. You can just share whatever interests you. Your audience will get to know you better and connect with you well.

Use interesting visuals

Give your audience something interest to focus on. It could be your outfit or your stage props or anything that can attract audience’s eye. Video walls or even projector screens are good and cool options to keep your audience engaged. Use this idea with caution in case you have to share your stage with other people. In such situations you can change the focus of your audience to your outfit or anything that you can carry on you.

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