Legal Policy

We at, are extremely glad to have you visit our website. We are devoted to protecting your privacy from being exposed in today’s virtual world. This document will explain in detail how much effort we put into ensuring that all your information and data trusted with us remains safe at all costs. We have a strict policy of not releasing any of your information to third parties. However, you need to remember that we are responsible for any information that you may choose to share with other websites which display their ads on our website. Please do so at your own discretion.

Our website includes a forum which enables users to interact with one another and discuss various topics related to the website. However, it is in your best interest to make sure that you do not disclose any personal information on these forums. This is essential as we cannot vouch for every member of the website. This includes any data pertaining to images, videos, personal information, etc. Our website reserves the right to collect information about your visits, the IP address of your device, the number of time you spent on each web page, time of your visit, your location, browser used and so on. This information is collected only to enhance your future sessions on the website and also improve our website. In case you make any call to the customer care, please be warned that they will be recorded for training purposes.  This privacy policy may also be changed at any point in time.