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This website has been set up music lovers in the Detroit are as a one stop for information related to music venues, the music scene and anything in relation to music in the Detroit area. If you are looking for any information pertaining to Detroit and music, you have come to the right website. Detroit is one of the largest cities in Michigan and is considered the music hub in the state. Many famous musicians had their first performance in the wonderful city of Detroit.

Detroit boasts of many music venues which can accommodate plenty of people if you are looking for small out of the pat music spots, you have to the right place. Don’t forget to check out our link listing all the music venues in the city according to the genre and crowd size you can find there. www.coupdetroit.com has many members who are also musicians. You can find the latest updates about their upcoming hit shows in the latest news section. Some music clubs also host pen nights to boost local talent. If you would like to share your music with the public, this is the place to be. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up to date about the latest happening in relation to music in the city of Detroit. We also hold regular giveaways of tickets to music concerts on the website regularly. So make sure you tune in to find out all about the music scene in Detroit.