Music Concerts

January 1, 2020
A Grand Lighting Arrangements Of A Music Entertainment Public Concert With Large Crowd.

Essential Guide for Planning a Musical Event

Planning a music event is the most thrilling event one can think of. It has all the music vibe, rolling and rocking the music, and many […]
September 2, 2019
An Image representing a musical eve concept.

Dressing Tips for Seniors Attending Outdoor Concerts

Age Is Just A Number- Look Your Best At Concerts Who says you can’t be super cool and fabulously funky at a concert after the age […]
August 26, 2019
Image showing a crowd of people enjoying the concert.

Outdoor Music Festivals- Things To Know

The Trendiest Guide to Attending Music Festivals When you are all set to have fun at one of the uber cools music festivals, you need to […]
August 10, 2019
Image Displays Outfits for girls for a concert.

Cool outfits for girls to wear to a concert

Be ready to groove in style Going to concerts is a favourite thing for many of us especially in summer is. It’s a fun thing to […]
August 10, 2019
Image Showing a man playing his musical instrument sitar.

A music photographer’s tips to shoot concerts

Deal with the dark Nowadays dark is no more a problem as it once used to be. These gigs are often dark but with modern cameras […]
August 5, 2019
An image of band sihouttes in a yellowlight background.

Look Your Best At Rap Concerts

How To Turn Eyes At Concerts? Whether you are going to attend a rock concert or perform at one, you need to look the part. You […]