Planning a concert? Here is how to do it

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July 6, 2019
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July 17, 2019
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What is the concept of the event?

Keep in mind that it is not a performance, it is an event. Usually at concert people are either waiting around or watching music or buying drinks and other merchandise. You can make this a lot of fun if you plan other things which people can do. Can you give your event a purpose? A mission or a cause? Your audience would want to come back to your next sure if you’re associated with something purposeful. Not only this, can also grab the medias eyeballs by doing something which nobody has done earlier and get some free marketing done.

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What is your budget and promotion plan?

Ensure that you have thought through your budget and carefully planned it. It’s good to promote and plan your own event and by doing this you are in charge of the outcome. You are in control of your event and can even plan ahead for any expected problems. Some items which you need to consider in your budget planning are – the number of bands that we perform, the entry fee for the venue, Number of expected walk-ins, cost for security, cost of production, commission for the ticketing company, costs of promotion and advertising, merchandising costs etc. You will need to find marketing partners and special guests who will help promote each of your concerts. Partnering with brands who are interested in your event and your audience is a great idea.

What do you need to do at the event?

If you want your audience to keep coming back for more you also need to promote and market the concert in such a way. And to ensure each of your concert is the best one ever ensure you give your audience the best experience ever.

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