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May 21, 2017
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February 16, 2018

Detroit is one of the biggest cities in Michigan, USA. It is home to over four million people and is famous for its music concerts all over the country. The lovely weather in this part of the country is perfect for hosting music festivals during the summer season. In fact, every May thousands of music lovers flock to the city in the hope of watching their favorite music performers live in action. In fact, last year alone the city generated around two million dollars in touring revenue. This makes up almost 42% of the entire music industry’s earnings from music concerts alone.

The DTE Energy Music Theater located in Clarkston is one of the most popular venues for music concerts in Detroit. With over 49 shows booked last season, it comes as no surprise that they have managed to rake in a lot of revenue during the summer music festival season in Detroit. Interestingly, the DTE Energy Music Theatre is also ranked fourth on the list of top amphitheaters in the US. Last year alone DTE Energy Music Theatre played host to Paul Simon, Thirty Second to Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Festival, Neil Horan, Maren Morris, Ozzy Osbourne and many more popular music artists.

In 2018, Detroit played hos tot Jay Z and Beyonce as they brought the house down on as a part of the events at the Lions’ home. Taylor Swift also made her first appearance in three years in Detroit last years. The fans were thrilled to have her visit the city and get to see her perform live on stage. Ed Sheeran, who made a name for himself with his number one song “Shape of You” also made an appearance at Detroit and wowed the fans in the football stadium.

Interestingly, Detroit is also the city of choice for many artists who plan to quit the music scene. The farewell shows by famous artists like Slayer, Paul Simon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osbourne were teeming with thousands of fans as they came together to bid adieu to their favorite musicians. Last summer was also the last time the Vans Warped Tour took place.

Detroit also regularly introduces new musicians to the scene. For example, Post Malone, Logic, G-Eazy, Khalid, Sam Smith, Masonic Temple made their debut on the music concert scene in Detroit last summer. Famous bands have also held plenty of large shows in the city. In fact, One Direction has had many packed concerts in Detroit, thrilling their fans to no end.

Although Eminem had 16 performances planned out last year across the country and in Europe, he was not able to make an appearance at Detroit since a planned stadium show did not work out according to plan. With Detroit rising as one of the top music scenes in the country, it is not surprising to see may music lovers and aspiring musicians moving to the city to catch their favorite music artist live in action. After all, music cannot get better than it does in Detroit.

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