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November 9, 2017
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April 9, 2018

Detroit is considered to be one of the top locations for hosting music concerts and festivals by the experts in the music industry. There are plenty of top notch venues available throughout the city to accommodate thousands of music lovers as they come together to see their favorite musicians perform live on stage. You can also find plenty of locations in and around Detroit which plays host to live music every day of the week. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones:

  •    Cliff Bell’s

If you lean towards a more off the beaten path kind of music, Cliff Bell’s is the perfect spot for you. The interior décor’ is done using mahogany leather banquettes and a Steinway piano in perfect condition. The location gives off a a cabaret club vibe. Interestingly, the club is named after Cliff who was a gangster in the Prohibition era who helped people get their drinks during that tough period in history. The music shows held at Cliff Bell’s includes everything from the blues to experimental quartets.

  •    The Old Miami

If you prefer to listen to listen to live music outdoors, The Old Miami is the perfect location for you. It was originally set up a spot for Vietnam veterans to get together and interact with one another. The bar today is filled with kitschy knick knacks along with juke side music and overstuffed couches. The bar is famous for hosting Detroit local musicians as well as some big name headliners.

  •    Magic Stick Theatre

The Magic Stick is actually a bowling alley that has been turned into a music hall with a dance floor as well as a few pool tables. The space can handle about 750 people at once. So, it won’t feel too crowded as you listen to the alternate rock and garage bands that frequently play here.

  •    The Shelter

This particular music spot is well known as the spot where Eminem choked on one of his initial performances. The back alley entrance to The Shelter lends it a hint of mystery making it even more alluring for music lovers. The Shelter was initially set up as a Scottish Society meeting spot and later evolved into a happening music scene for music lovers in the city.

  •    Fox Theatre Detroit

This music venue has been fitted with red lush velvet curtains, filigree and gold décor, and aesthetically painted walls. The stage has played host to plenty of musical acts as well as theatrical productions. The Fox Theater in Detroit is a well-known among the music community as a place to catch different musical acts.

  •    Baker’s Keyboard Lounge

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge has the honor of being one of the oldest jazz clubs which us still in operation. It boasts of a giant piano shaped bar which is fitted with an Art Deco vibe. Initially opened in 1933, the Bakers Keyboard Lounge started off by playing host to local pianists and these days host plenty of international level jazz acts. You will be able to find some act going at the Baker’s every night of the week.

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