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The Detroit Music Awards s held every year to honor the tops musicians in each category. It is attended by everyone in the music industry. The 27th annual Detroit Music Awards was recently held at Fillmore in Detroit. Special awards were given out to songwriters Allee Willis and Jill Jack. Melvin Davis, rock band Sponge, American band Gasoline Gypsies are just a few of the lucky artist who managed to score an award at the award ceremony.

Thornetta Davis who has 6 awards it eh blues category to her credit, went on to win the Outstanding Blues Vocalist award as well the last Detroit Music Award. Interestingly, her music video “I Believe: was also honored -by being the Outstanding Video of the year. The Detroit Music Awards makes sure to honor musicians in different categories like Outstanding Gospel artist, Outstanding Rock Recording and so on. This gives musicians belonging to different genres to create better work in the hopes of scoring an award. In fact, awards are bestowed in almost 70 categories every single year by the Detroit Music Awards. It salutes local artists, musicians, songwriters and so on.

The best part about the Detroit Music Awards is the fact is that it is open not to only music folks. The show is pen to the public with tickets available online and at select counters around the city. The award show attendees need to be 18 years old or above to gain entry into the Awards ceremony venue.

With thousands of new musicians popping up every day, awards handed out by organizers like the Detroit Music Awards, helps the public to identify new talent. It also helps the new musicians connect with their audience and get more recognition for the good work they have been doing. Many aspiring music artists move to Detroit in the hope of being influenced by the music culture in the city and even get recognized and go on to win an award at the Detroit Music Awards even.

The Detroit Music Awards ceremony usually starts around 6pm and often includes plenty of special appearances by well-known musicians.  Since the awards show is open to the general public, it offers fans a chance to be a part of one of the biggest nights it e music industry.

Last year at the Detroit Music Awards, the original five members of the band Sponge performed together, to celebrate their gold certified debut album, which came out in 1994. The Detroit Music Awards also honored to the acclaimed music director and DSO conductor Leonard Slatkin with an Achievement Award at the Orchestra Hall.  Ever since the Detroit Music Awards Foundation was established in 1992, it has been supporting and recognizing Detroit’s musical community across different genres and styles. Interestingly, the Detroit Music Awards or the DMA is quite similar to the Grammy Awards. The winners of the awards are determined by music industry professionals and local musicians in southeast Michigan. If you are a music lover, you can see your favorite musicians in person by attending the DMA this year.

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