Leg Shaking Ideas For Your Wedding Sangeeth

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November 4, 2016
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February 3, 2017
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Indian marriages are immersed in varied rituals and it also adds fun and flavour to the wedding event. The wedding rituals begin days and even months before, for the bride and the groom. Sangeeth is most common in north Indian marriages and it popularity has started to take a toll on South Indian marriages as well. Not just the couple but everyone enjoys the event irrespective of age.

Sangeeth function is all about dancing to the tunes of some leg kicking songs. The Sangeeth events are now being organized by professional Chennai wedding decorators to bring the right ambience into play. Moreover, there are some themed decor for grand wedding ceremonies. Get some celebrity sangeeth ideas at indiatimes.com.

Popular songs
The toughest part of Sangeeth function is to select the right songs for the dance ceremony. Here are some tips to give you the perfect selection of songs. The priority is to select the most popular songs. The youth are enlivened by popular songs and they are true to be entertained. The numbers are not just entertaining for the guests for the host as well. It does not matter if the song is recent or old, all that is important is it should be live and heard off.

Bouncy Numbers
People get excited when they hear peppy numbers. Despite their mood, these bouncy numbers can truly take them to the dance floor. Choosing a peppy number can give room for effortless dancing. There is no need for practice or patented steps to shake a leg in the Sangeeth function. Of course bouncy numbers can fall under the purview of popular songs as it is heard by most people. A DJ can add extra bounce to the event. With their experience they will be able to fix everything leave no scope for flaws. Make the day memorable by choosing the best DJ who can entertain the guests.


Romance in the air
Ensure there are some everlasting romantic numbers in the list, to make it special for the couple. The event is for the couple and they need to be on the dance floor as well. You can choose a romantic song close to your heart and ask them to play it during the Sangeeth event. Slight romantic moves can create a dreamy environment. The collection has to be good and should have dance moves. Do not choose songs that are less popular as the guests could lose interest very soon.

Choose Sangeeth songs
It is a Sangeeth function and the song list cannot go without Bollywood Sangeeth numbers. There are varieties of options when it comes to Sangeeth songs. One cannot forget the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani or Dilliwaali Girlfriend and many more. Add a few to your list and you are sure to rock. Selecting such songs can get the crowd involved in the event. Also ensure you wear the right attire for the event. Ensure to choose an outfit you are comfortable while on the dance floor.

Slow beats allowed
It is not mandatory that all songs should be peppy and bouncy. You can choose some slow beats to match the needs of elders in the event. After all Sangeeth function is not just for the kids and youth. Get your parents, uncles and aunts on the dance floor and see the fun and excitement in the air.

Sangeeth function is all about having fun just ensure that there is no compromise on this.

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