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February 3, 2017
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As we all know very well, Google is the most used search engine. So, who gets the second position? No points for guessing that it is YouTube! YouTube is widely used by people to find videos of different genres, be it film clippings, songs, cookery videos and so on. The list is endless. The best seo companies in Chennai provide tips for musicians on how to increase their viewership and to use seo to get more leads through the site

YouTube also presents an opportunity to make a profit out of the videos we post. If you are getting enough number of clicks, then they add advertisements to our video, and we get a percentage of the income from ads.

But just by uploading a video to YouTube, we might not get a good viewership. Here SEO comes in the play. By optimizing with SEO, the YouTube video gets the required number of clicks. Here are some of the methods of using SEO in YouTube viewership:

Ø The title of the video should be made using standard terms, certain keywords. The terms people might type into the search engine bar should be used as keywords. The keywords should be a perfect match with the content of the video posted.
Ø Use the benefit of the auto-completion feature of search engines and use similar terms more possible to pop up just when the user might enter a search item.
Ø If the video is something which the people might rather search in YouTube itself, then use the YouTube auto-completion feature and add similar recurring terms.
youtube-seo-serviceØ Even after, the video is ready to be uploaded, just check the name of the video to be added. It will most probably be some random name. So just edit out the name of the video in the format keyword.mp4 so that when users type in the most used keyword, your video pops up first.
Ø Give a perfect description about your video using simple, common words in agreement with the topic the video deals with. Always first 2-3 sentences are important as these are going to be the first ones to be noticed.
Ø Always remember to use closed caption feature of YouTube. This feature will show your text over the video and so much easier for the viewers to understand and interrupt in different languages. Also, the idea of providing closed caption provides the video into the search engine, making it readily accessible with the right keywords.
Ø Another important way out to rank high in YouTube searches is by using the tagging feature. Use of proper keywords and tags ensure that your video gets a maximum number of clicks. While using tags always use specific tags. Then use some general tags in agreement with the general topic in hand. You can even try certain misspelling of tags, providing singular and plural tags of the same word, using phrases in tags etc.

All the above points help in creating a successful SEO optimized YouTube video, which comes as one among the first listed out in searches; hence probabilities of getting clicks is high.

Always remember to create attractive, eye-catching videos as viewers are often the impatient lots and might just skip the video without watching it fully if they don’t find it eye catching enough.

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